We have been moving our sites from Godaddy to Flywheel over the past few months.

Why you may ask?

  1.  Faster! Flywheel servers are hands down faster than Godaddy servers.
  2.  Free SSL!
  3.  Way better support and actual understanding of WordPress sites.
  4.  An easier to use UI. We’re all about great UI and ease of use. Flywheel has got that where GoDaddy just gets bogged down and convoluted.
  5.  Easy backups and automated updates to WordPress as new versions become available.
  6.  One of our FAVORITE features is the staging feature so that we can create production sites and then add the work to an existing live site when completed.

So to sum it up: faster, easier to use, great support and more secure. Pretty obvious now isn’t it?!